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The Cyprus Fuel Guide provides an intuitive way to compare fuel prices in your area and find the best deal for you.

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Privacy & Terms of Use

Cyprus Fuel Guide takes your privacy very seriously!

The only permissions required by the Cyprus Fuel Guide app is internet access, which is needed simply to fetch updates regarding fuel stations and prices, and location, which is needed to show you nearby fuel stations. Please note that approximate and anonymous information regarding the device's location at the time of nearby searches might be logged for research purposes.

We also use Google Analytics to trace app usage, and AdMob to serve ads.

This app is made available to you in the hope that it provides helpful information and services. The data regarding the fuel prices are collected from the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism as uploaded and updated daily from the petrol stations. The app is not responsible for the correctness, validity or non-updating of the information that might arise from incomplete or non-updated information.

Additional data used in the statistics/visualization pages are the crude oil prices from U.S. Energy Information Administration, and EUR/USD/GBP rates from

From a technical perspective, this service is built with Java on Google App Engine, along with a generous amount of JavaScript. We periodically fetch the updated prices from the Ministry's server and update a Google Datastore-based database. Our apps (Android and Web) use that data to provide the latest prices to the users.

The copying or reproduction of this website or its content is not allowed.

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